'America Heading South'

The global trends report for 2025, published every four years by “the finest US intelligence analysts,” the National Intelligence Council, predicts global warming will lengthen Canada’s and Russia’s food growing seasons, food shortages may destabilize Asia and South Africa, and Al Qaeda could crumble. However, the dollar is likely to lose its dominance as a currency, and America will dwindle as a superpower as the government turns to solving domestic problems rather than global ones. The hegemony the US has enjoyed since the end of the Soviet Union will come to an end. On the up and up: China. “On present trends China will have the world’s second largest economy by 2025, and could well be the largest importer of natural resources and the biggest polluter. It will be a leading military power, with a considerable navy to protect the sea lanes that deliver its raw materials, and at the same time wield hi-tech asymmetric tools,” The Guardian reports.