Another Former OSU Wrestler Says GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Knew About Abuse: Report

Another former Ohio State University wrestler told CNN anonymously that Republican Rep. Jim Jordan was aware of sexual-abuse allegations against the wrestling team doctor when he was an assistant wrestling coach at the school. The former wrestler said he directly told Jordan about team doctor Richard Strauss’ alleged behavior and that Jordan did nothing. “I remember coming up and saying, ‘Strauss held my balls longer than normal.’ He just snickered,” the athlete said. He also recalled a conversation in which Jordan allegedly dismissed another athlete’s claim. Jordan has denied the accusations, saying he was unaware of the alleged abuse when he was assistant coach between 1987-1995 . “Jordan is denying this because obviously it would be political suicide for him,” the former wrestler said. “He's still denying it. Jim Jordan knew. He didn't do anything about it.” A request has been filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics to examine whether Jordan knew about the alleged abuse.