Arias's 'Pedophilia' Claim Challenged

Some of Jodi Arias’s charges against her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, just don’t add up. Arias, accused of murdering Alexander, has argued that she acted in self-defense against a violent man who was also a “sexual deviant.” But the claim that she ran away in horror after catching Alexander looking at photos of naked boys was contradicted in court Thursday by phone and text-message records, as well as Arias’s personal diary entries. According to phone records, Arias and Alexander exchanged five phone calls back and forth between them on the day the alleged pedophilia incident is said to have occurred. The prosecution also pressed Arias on a diary entry that included details of sexual encounters between the couple involving Tootsie Pops and Pop Rocks candy as props. Through it all, Arias stuck to her story with a steady voice.