As Government Shutdown Claims Panda Cam, Meet The Daily Beast's Panda Fish

The National Zoo removed its panda cam from the Web, so we did what had to be done. World, meet our very special panda cam, starring Panda Fish.

The dreaded government shutdown has claimed its tiniest, most beloved victim: the National Zoo's panda cam.

The live streams, which require federal resources to run, were deemed not essential during a shutdown, according to the zoo. But we don't want you going panda-less.

We went out to the Petco in New York City's Union Square, picked up a spectacular little fish, named him Panda, and turned on a webcam. World, it's time you meet your newest star: Panda Fish! He'll be swimming live for the cameras as long as the National Zoo's pandas are sleeping in the shadows.

You can send him a tweet! Use #pandafish to say hello, or just send a tweet using the Twitter widget below.