Aurora Shooter Started Shooting Coworkers at His Termination Meeting

The gunman who killed five people at an Aurora, Illinois manufacturing plant opened fire on his co-workers during his termination meeting, authorities reportedly said. Gary Martin had brought a handgun to the meeting, and started killing colleagues in the room right after his firing, CNN reported. Martin then went into Henry Pratt Co.’s warehouse area and fired at more employees in what would turn out to be a 90-minute rampage. Six people were injured by the spray of bullets, including five cops. Police who responded to the scene killed Martin during the shootout.

It’s unclear whether Martin knew of his firing ahead of time. But company officials reportedly said that he had been disciplined before. “In order to be at the final step, he would have been through previous [disciplinary] steps,” said Scott Hall, CEO of Pratt’s parent company, Mueller Water Products.