Adam Clymer is a former Chief Washington Correspondent of the New York Times and author of Edward M. Kennedy: A Biography.

JFK's brother-in-law fought to realize Camelot's promise all of his days. Adam Clymer on how Shriver helped shape a country—and never lost his enormous enthusiasm for it.

Everyone's focusing on the death threats, but the FBI hardly comes out squeaky clean. Teddy biographer Adam Clymer on why they didn’t investigate Chappaquiddick and more from the files.

On the eve of the dramatic health-care vote, Rep. Patrick Kennedy talks to Adam Clymer about how his late father Teddy would have handled the “toxic” climate—and the legacy the two helped create.

Fired up after Scott Brown's win, Tea Party candidates across the country are mounting challenges to top Republican recruits. Does this help or hurt the GOP?

As Senate Democrats proclaimed the 60 votes needed to pass health-care reform, Kennedy biographer Adam Clymer says the late senator would have backed this bill.

Freshman Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello is one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the country next year. So what on earth is he doing voting his conscience on health care?

Forget the public option. The real news is that Democrats may pass a bill. Adam Clymer on how the failures of 1994—which spurred a GOP takeover of Congress—could make reform happen this year.

Kennedy biographer Adam Clymer on True Compass' revelations (Lyndon Johnson blamed the FBI for JFK's death) and omissions (Chappaquiddick's effect on his career).

Jackass, meet Major League. The Daily Beast’s Adam Clymer, whom George W. Bush called a “major league asshole,” offers words of wisdom for Obama cuss victim Kanye West.

From a Brezhnev aide to the Broadway song that brought the house down, Ted Kennedy biographer Adam Clymer on remarkable moments that ended an era. Plus, VIEW OUR GALLERY of the services.