Arthur Chu is a bi-coastal Chinese-American nerd who's currently settled down in Cleveland, Ohio. An actor, comedian and sometime culture blogger, he somehow captured national attention for becoming an 11-time Jeopardy! champion in March 2014 and is now shamelessly extending his presence in the national spotlight by all available means. He lives with his wife and an indeterminate but alarmingly ever-growing number of cats.


Chris Rock trotted out a bunch of Asian kids during the Oscars, while Ali G compared Asians to Minions. Emma Stone played an Asian character in a film. Where does it end?


When it comes to taking a political stance, Beyoncé is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. But in standing up for Black Lives Matter, she’s outsmarted the media’s trap.


This week, Netflix announced that it is now available in over 130 new countries worldwide. Let’s look at the ramifications for consumers in America and beyond.


Veerender Jubbal is a pleasant Sikh from Toronto who doesn’t curse. So why did a doctored photo of him as a suicide bomber end up plastered all over the news?


Citing ‘violent threats,’ SXSW canceled a panel about harassment in games, as well as a pro-GamerGate panel that cropped up as a counterpunch. But the story is much stranger than that.


Internet communities like Reddit have always been toxic environments that survive on the backs of unpaid labor, and attempts to corporatize them because of it.