Cathy Young is a contributing editor for Reason magazine and a weekly columnist for Newsday


Their board includes a famed ex-senator. Their goals couldn’t sound more benign. But a new outfit to promote “debate” between the U.S. and Russia has a decidedly pro-Putin lineup.

The Gift of Foresight

Vladimir Voinovich, Russia’s 82-year-old satirist, on why the rise of a KGB man was inevitable but why Russia’s decline and fall into authoritarianism doesn’t have to be.


Pam Geller and Robert Spencer are being viewed as free speech champions for their “Draw Muhammad” contest, which turned tragic in Dallas last week. But once a moderate Muslim begins speaking, they quickly turn into what they hate.

Conspiracy TV

As conspiracy theories abound in Russian media about the death of Kremlin protester Boris Nemtsov, the most popular theory—that Vladimir Putin had a hand in his death—is seemingly not allowed. But almost nobody in Russia is biting.