Dan Raviv is host of a radio magazine, The CBS News Weekend Roundup, and author of a book on US-Israel relations, Friends in Deed, and a bestseller on Israeli intelligence, Every Spy a Prince.

As Netanyahu and Obama meet at the White House, Dan Raviv says conflicting stances on Iran, settlements, and the peace process threaten to undermine their already shaky relationship.

The most important thing to come out of Obama’s meeting with the Israeli prime minister was the president’s declaration that he wants to talk to Iran until the end of the year. And so long as he’s talking to Tehran, Israel can’t attack.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu visits the White House on May 18, and analysts are predicting a serious argument with Obama about Iran. While the U.S. pushes for diplomacy, Israel is gearing up for a fight to prevent a nuclear Iran—at any cost.

When exit polls showed Tzipi Livni as the surprise winner, a cheer went up at Kadima headquarters. But will Likud’s Benjamin Netanyahu end up prime minister?

With a cease-fire reached in Gaza, Israeli politicians now wonder how America’s new Mideast policy will affect the country’s elections.