Larry Flynt is publisher of Hustler Magazine.

After a bruising first term, the president can't just use the same old rhetoric in 2012, says Hustler's Larry Flynt. So instead of "Yes, We Can!" how about, "The Other Guy Is Worse Than Me?"

In the wake of a massive privacy breach on Facebook, publisher and First Amendment advocate Larry Flynt warns of the rapid loss of personal security—and who’s watching you online.

Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt says the Supreme Court’s decision to allow corporations to spend unlimited amounts in elections will pump up the power of big business fat cats to the detriment of democracy.

Obama’s campaign pledges have gone out the window—as his administration has been held hostage by big banks and the military-industrial complex.

In a Daily Beast exclusive, Larry Flynt, the notorious publisher of Hustler magazine, tells the president to toughen up, keep his campaign promises, and start whacking the Republicans.