Malcolm Forbes’ reviews and essays have appeared in the Times Literary Supplement, the San Francisco Chronicle, The National, The Australian, the Quarterly Conversation and many other journals. Born in Edinburgh, he currently lives in Berlin.


Months lengthened into years as those charged with tracking down the genocidal war criminals stayed on the scent. They never gave up, and their determination paid off.

Ancient and Modern

Roman emperors are stained by legends of depravity, but strip away the rumors, says historian Tom Holland, and you find leaders catering to the whims of the masses.


One of Pakistan’s most famous novelists, Mohsin Hamid, is out with a collection of essays that tackle everything from being Muslim-American to why Pakistan has become so messy.

Western Canon

Preeminent British scholar John Sutherland’s new book is enjoyable for what it is—a skin-deep crash-course rather than a rigorous in-depth study.


The British travel writer was known for the classic The Road to Oxiana, but his earlier account from his younger days, Europe in the Looking-Glass, shows him coming into his own as an art critic and historian.


Meet Pepe Carvalho, the book-burning, gastronome private eye in Manuel Vázquez Montalbán’s much-loved novels. By Malcolm Forbes.

Smooth Criminal

The beautifully charged language of Ross Macdonald’s detective novels helps clinch a character for the reader. By Malcolm Forbes.