Before the Nazis took over, the Weimar republic played host to all kinds of innovative art that pervaded the culture, right down to the designs on book jackets.

Hip Pocket

Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ was the most famous of the Pocket Poets series published by City Lights Press, but those striking looking little books changed the course of American lit.


The sleek, no-frills esthetic of Modernism and the gray-flannel ’50s both influenced the utilitarian mindset that dictates the rules of usage in ‘The Elements of Style.’

Unsettling Palette

Famous for his droll, macabre illustrations and stories, nearly all in black and white, Edward Gorey was also a master of color, as he proved repeatedly with his book jacket designs.


In the first installment of a series celebrating book cover art and design, Mark Dery introduces the ’50s sci fi mash-ups (Dali meets Asimov) of the extraordinary Richard Powers.