Matt Gallagher is the author of the novel Youngblood, published in February 2016 by Atria/​Simon & Schuster. He's also the author of the Iraq memoir Kaboom and coeditor of, and contributor to, the short fiction collection Fire & Forget.

The Forever War

Today’s younger military officers came of age after 9/11 and have known nothing but a state of war. They want that to change, but if it doesn’t, they’re prepared.


Eric Fair’s new memoir, Consequence, details his involvement in the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Fallujah. In a frank interview, he talks about the toll of that experience.

Bubble, Toil, Trouble

Ron Wellman is the most important man in selecting who goes to the NCAA Tournament. College basketball fans should get to know the man they’ll be cursing next week.

Medal of Honor

Former army officer William Swenson was awarded the Medal of Honor yesterday. For Army vet Matt Gallagher, Swenson represents the best of a new generation of veterans.


What happens when Americans return from war? David Finkel’s book answers that question with disturbing and painful detail. Veteran Matt Gallagher reflects.