Nicholas Wapshott is the author of Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics, published by W. W. Norton in America and Scribe in Australia.

As News Corp.'s annual shareholders meeting approaches, the question on everyone’s lips is whether the House of Murdoch will fall. Long-favored son (and heir apparent) James teeters on the edge, and Rupert is still trying to convince all comers he’s more gaga than gung-ho, reports Nicholas Wapshott.

The English actor of the stage and screen Peter Eyre on his new role in Terre Haute, a play based on Vidal's letters to the Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.

The New York establishment? "They're done!" The press? "The enemy!" Professors? "The enemy!" Richard Nixon continues to spook the nation from beyond the grave with the latest eavesdrop on taped Oval Office conversations.