SpyTalk, now in its 15th year, is where Jeff Stein leads an all-star team of veteran investigative reporters, writers, and subject-matter experts who will take you behind the scenes of the national security state.

You may remember Jeff as the Spytalk columnist for years at Newsweek, and before that, at The Washington Post and before that Congressional Quarterly. This time around, however, he’s aided by a sterling roster of veteran journalists as contributing editors. They include: Jonathan Broder, a former CQ foreign news editor and Newsweek correspondent; John Dinges, a former NPR News managing editor and Godfrey Lowell Cabot Professor of Journalism Emeritus at Columbia University; Peter Eisner, a prolific investigative author and former deputy foreign editor at The Washington Post; Elaine Shannon, TIME magazine's “queen of drugs and thugs;” and Ross Schneiderman, a former deputy editor of Newsweek.

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