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Begin vs. Bibi

Jim Hollander / AFP/ Getty Images

Israel's News1 website reported that Likud Member of Knesset Benny Begin, an inner member of Prime Minister Netanuyahu's cabinet and son of Menachem Begin, argues that the the June 14, 2009, Bar-Ilan speech in which Netanyahu stated that there would be a Palestinian state established alongside Israel, is not acceptable to the government.

According to Begin, the statements were made only for the ears of the international community. He also made it clear that it is only because there is an understanding within the Netanyahu government that there is no potential for a two state reality that he feels he can be a member of the government. The article quoted him twice:

I do not accept this idea [of two states]. It is not by chance that there is no decision like this in the government of Israel that I am a member of. I very much respect the Prime Minister and he is the first among equals, but there is no decision like this [for two states]. This was not brought up for discussion in the government, nor will it be discussed. This is the not the government's position.

He added that the establishment of a Palestinian state is not feasible. "I think a sovereign Arab state that is demilitarized is a contradiction in terms," he explained. "And everybody understands that if it were sovereign it there will be severe restrictions on it that stem from Israel's security needs. Can the Arabs accept restrictions like these? I think not."