Disinformation on Libya

Benghazi, Take Two

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Last week, administration sources fed friendly journalists this line: "We weren't wrong about Benghazi, it really was a spontaneous reaction to the video."

This week, the administration is retreating to a new line, "OK, yes it seems we were wrong, but only because our own intelligence agencies were slow to inform us of what had happened."

This new line may seem more defensible. But it omits a key fact: the administration was very quick to accept a version of events it found convenient (the video story) - and very slow to accept a version it found inconvenient (eastern Libya is full of seething unpoliced anti-American jihadists). That's called cherry-picking the intelligence, and the last time it happened, the people now staffing the Obama administration thought it was a very big and bad story.

But surely not so bad a story as the claim that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous act of terror that had nothing to do with 9/11, even though by amazing coincidence it took place on 9/11.