Marriage Equality

Conservative-Endorsed Marriage Equality is Coming to Britain

Britain's Conservative-Liberal coalition moves a step closer to equal marriage rights today.

“Marriage is a hugely important institution in this country – one which has changed throughout our history, and continues to change,” said Culture Secretary and Minister for Women and EqualitiesMaria Miller.

“The values of marriage bind families and communities together and bring stability. I believe that couples should not be excluded from marriage just because they love someone of the same sex. In opening up marriage to same-sex couples, we will further strengthen the importance of marriage in our society.

“Our proposals recognise, respect and value the very important role that faith plays in our lives. I have always been crystal clear that I would not put forward any legislation that did not provide protection for religious organisations. This Bill protects and promotes religious freedom, so that all religious organisations can act according to their doctrines and beliefs.”