Dem Candidate Caught With Another Woman

Ohio’s Democratic nominee for governor Ed FitzGerald and a woman he says was part of an Irish delegation (and who was definitely not his wife) were the subject of a complaint call in 2012 when a witness became suspicious of the two parked in a car at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday. “I don’t know if they’re having sex in the parking lot of what they’re doing here,” the witness, an electrician working late, told police, adding that he kept seeing “something going back and forth” in the car and that they had been there for about half an hour. FitzGerald, a Cuyahoga County Executive, apparently told officers that he was taking the woman back to her hotel but stopped to talk first. FitzGerald says he was one of two designated drivers for the Ireland delegation and the other half-dozen or so members were in another car. FitzGerald’s car got separated from the group and the two stopped while “trying to connect with the other group,” he says. He added that he does not believe they were stopped for half an hour. FitzGerald and his wife issued a joint statement decrying the report's "personal attacks." "We are confident that this attack will be exposed for what it is—untrue and opportunistic—and, hope that we can quickly move onto the the discussion of what is best for Ohio's families," they said.