And the Pundits Cover Their Butts

Dick Morris Prepares His Golden Parachute

Dick Morris, the bold prognosticator who has anticipated a Romney landslide for months, hedges in epic fashion:

Nobody really knows what the impact of hurricane Sandy will be on the election. Until its waves crashed into the New Jersey shore, the election was well in hand for the Romney campaign.

Coming off strong debate performances in which he debunked Obama’s negative attacks on him, the former Massachusetts governor was doing very well. Obama was reeling, unable to regain his footing, in search of a message, and bedeviled by questions about his increasingly obvious coverup of the Libyan attacks.

But after the storm? Who knows? We have never had a storm so close to a national election, much less one as close as this is.

You'd better send Morris another $100, just to stay on the safe side. No returns or refunds, per usual policy.