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Doctor Convicted of Killing Wife

The case of the Utah doctor accused of murdering his wife six years ago was closed on Saturday as a jury found Martin MacNeill guilty. MacNeill was accused of rendering his wife Michele MacNeill unconscious with drugs after cosmetic surgery, then leaving her to die in a tub so that he could start a new life with another woman. Prosecutors argued that MacNeill may have also held her underwater to make sure she was dead. Relatives and the former MacNeill couple’s children were relieved at Martin’s conviction. "We're just so happy he can't hurt anyone else," said Alexis Somers, one of their older daughters. "We miss our mom; we'll never see her again. But that courtroom was full of so many people who loved her." MacNeill faces 15 years to life in prison for first-degree murder and an additional 1-15 years for obstruction of justice.