Don't Blame Gay Men for Benghazi

Ben Shapiro explains at Town Hall that it was gay liberation that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens:

Ask any sane person in America whether it would be a good idea to send our ambassador in Libya to Benghazi without a security team. They'd tell you immediately that we need security around our ambassador in a hellhole like Benghazi. Obama knew that. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that.

But they didn't care. They thought it was far more important to make nice with the native population than to keep our ambassador safe. They thought that the Arab Spring was a nice, happy little uprising, complete with gay bodyguards to apply to protect the ambassador. Really. An ad placed in Libya -- Libya! -- for the ambassador's security team made it clear that members of a same-sex marriage would be accepted.

There is one discordant fact in Ben's theory:

No gay men applied

But if any gays had applied, they would have been accepted, and that would have led to exactly the same disaster as actually did happen.

Some days you read something where you can only whistle and salute. This is one of those days. But wait, there's more. I read in Ben's bio that he's a "Shillman Fellow". Too true.

There are enough criticisms to be made of what happened at Benghazi that it should be possible to write a tough column without plunging into this kind of abyss.