Fox News Reporter: I Was Fired for Using the Corporate Hotline

Former Fox News radio correspondent Jessica Golloher alleged in a lawsuit filed Thursday that the network terminated her employment within 24 hours of her using the corporate “hotline” allegedly set up for employees to register complaints about inappropriate workplace behavior. The hotline was often touted by the network as a method for employees to complain about discrimination, bullying, etc., while ex-host Bill O’Reilly referenced it to dismiss sexual-harassment allegations against him by saying he hadn’t heard of any women using the hotline to discuss his behavior. Golloher’s lawsuit alleged that her bosses—Mitch Davis, vice president of Fox News Radio Network; and Hank Weinbloom, director of news programming—retaliated against her complaint to the hotline by firing her. Additionally, the suit notes that, “according to media reports, [Davis] was fired from his prior job at ABC News following an ‘incident of improper use of an on-line account’ that involved a sexually explicit photo sent through ABC servers that was turned over to the FBI in connection with possible violations of pornography laws.” Golloher alleged a long history of sexist comments towards her from her bosses and colleagues, as well as a disparity in workplace treatment based on gender.

In a statement, a Fox News spokesperson declared that “Jessica Golloher’s claims are without merit. Her allegations of discrimination and retaliation are baseless. We will vigorously defend the matter.”