Oscars PTSD

Franco Weighs In on Hathahaters

The Oscars are long over, but some people still just really want to know why everyone hates Anne Hathaway. Howard Stern is one such person, broaching the delicate subject with James Franco, who many have tried to forget he co-hosted the 2011 Academy Awards train wreck with Hathaway. Stern espoused his own opinions on the Hathahate—“she comes off like the goody-two-shoes actress and it’s just fun to sort of hate her”—and Franco agreed. “I’m not an expert on it—I guess they’re called ‘Hathahaters’—but I think that's what maybe triggers it,” he said. He also said that he and Hathaway have “made up” since the two were dragged over the coals—largely because of his perceived ambivalence to the affair—after their Oscars hosting gig.