GOP Rep. Jim Jordan to Call Cops Over Sex Abuse Victim’s ‘Bullying’ Emails

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has reportedly decided to enlist the help of Capitol Hill police after receiving emails from a man who says he suffered sexual abuse during Jordan’s time as an assistant coach at Ohio State University. Several former wrestlers accused Jordan of turning a blind eye to the abuse during his time at the school, saying he had been informed directly of inappropriate touching by the team doctor. Jordan has denied ever being aware of the allegations, and now says he believes one of the alleged victims, Mike DiSabato, is “bullying him” with emails, according to CNN. DiSabato publicly accused Jordan of lying about being unaware of the abuse on Tuesday. A day later, a source within Jordan’s office told CNN that the Ohio Republican intends to get police involved after receiving numerous emails from DiSabato over the course of a few months. The emails were described as vaguely threatening, though no details were provided on their content.