GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Accused of Ignoring Sex Abuse at Ohio State

Former wrestlers for Ohio State University have accused Trump ally and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a former assistant coach at the school, of failing to protect them from sexual abuse at the hands of a team doctor. According to NBC News, the wrestlers claim that they suffered years of abuse from Dr. Richard Strauss, who would allegedly shower with team members and touch them inappropriately during examinations. The wrestlers further claim that Strauss’ abusive tendencies were well-known in OSU’s athletic community, and that multiple players reported Strauss’ behavior directly to Jordan during his tenure between 1986 and 1994. They claim it “would have been impossible for Jordan to be unaware” of Strauss’s behavior, NBC added. “At the end of the day,” one wrestler told NBC, Jordan “is absolutely lying if he says he doesn’t know what was going on.” Jordan has denied any knowledge of Strauss’ behavior; his spokesman told NBC that “Congressman Jordan never saw any abuse, never heard about any abuse, and never had any abuse reported to him during his time as a coach at Ohio State.”