Golden Dusk, Hopefully

Greece's Gun Toting Fascists

Greek fascists caught trying to bring guns into Parliament.

Capital news website said that two unnamed MPs belonging to the far-right party were found to be armed. It added that a proposal for stricter rules over carrying weapons inside the parliament building were approved this week on the initiative of Speaker Vangelis Meimarakis.

In another development, some Greek news sites reported that Golden Dawn planned to set up an organisation called Doctors Within borders - a slight on renowned charity Doctors Without Borders - with the purpose of providing medical care to Greeks only.

In August, members of the party restricted deliveries of free food in central Athens' Syntagma Square to people who could prove they were Greek. Political experts said that Golden Dawn was using similar tactics to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to boost support by wooing sections of the population struggling with harsh government austerity measures.