Helen Mirren Goes Topless

Helen Mirren was “a bit notorious” in her early years acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and she’d like to remind fans of that with her steamy portrayal of a cancer-stricken Las Vegas madam with a younger lover in the upcoming film Love Ranch—as well as with a few topless pics in New York magazine. The 65-year-old actress was dubbed a “sex queen” early on, but unlike so many sexy young starlets, she’s also nabbed an Oscar. “I’m still the good girl who wants to be a bad girl,” Mirren told the magazine. “But I’ll never make it as a bad girl… I’m not a prude or a moralist and I never have been, but I’m too fearful, too much of a wimp, really.” On the other hand, she was willing to spend a night in a brothel to prepare for her new role: “It’s amazing how quickly you get into dildos everywhere and pink-feather handcuffs. Within an hour, you’re completely used to it.”