Election 2012

How Can Romney Possibly be Losing?


The income of the typical American collapsed during the Great Recession. And in the two years of recovery since 2009, median income has … declined another 4.1%.

Given such a record, how can the "out" party possibly manage to be losing in the polls? Apparently those families have decided that the out party offers them a future that looks even worse than the recent past. If so, that's a shocking indictment of GOP strategy. Would it really have been so impossible to devise a platform that offered the typical American family something beneficial from a change of administration? As is, they get only a promise that cutting the taxes of the wealthiest few will translate into opportunity for them - a promise that their own experience of the last round of tax cuts renders non-credible. In 2001 and 2003, the GOP cut taxes at the top, and incomes at the middle stagnated. Why would a voter at the middle expect anything different from another round of the same medicine? And this time, the tax cuts at the top come joined -not to an increase in Medicare spending as in the Bush years - but to a promise of dramatic Medicaid cuts straightaway, and dramatic Medicare cuts after that.

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