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How Will Republicans Win in 2024?

Vox Populi, Georgetown University's weekly newsmagazine, wrote up my recent visit with the school's College Republicans:

Not only did Frum say that such a candidate will be elected, Frum said that such a shift in the party is inevitable: “The sheer competitive dynamic of the two party system will force the Republicans to retool,” Frum said. “It’s just a matter of time.” He went on to say that the Republican presidential candidate in 2024 will undoubtedly be “pro-gay marriage,” “pro-environment,”and “pro-gun control.” Frum views his role in this process of change as being the one who could potentially speed it up, so that the Republicans “modernize” their positions before 2024.

Another student asked Frum, “How would you respond to people who say that you’re just compromising Republican principles?”

“The Republican Party has tremendous difficulty telling the difference between principles and policies,” Frum said. “Small government is a principle. The Ryan plan is a policy.” Frum went on to explain that the Republicans do not apply their principles well to the facts of reality. As an example, he suggested that the best policy to implement the principle that abortion should be avoided is not to ban abortion in as many cases as possible but to examine the social factors that lead to abortions, in order to see if those can be corrected.