Howard Stern Goes Off on ‘Big Fat’ ‘Freak’ Harvey Weinstein: He Should ‘Wear a Burqa’

‘There is no girl on the planet that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked,’ the legendary radio host told Jimmy Kimmel.


During his monologue from Brooklyn Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel joked that, “Donald Trump was more excited to visit Puerto Rico than Howard Stern is to be here tonight.”

“Is my segment over yet?” Stern asked the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host seconds after sitting down. “I hate doing talk shows,” he added later. “It’s so unnatural. Everyone evaluates you. ‘How did he do? Was he funny? Did he pull his pants down? Was he Fartman? He wasn’t good enough.’ It makes my neuroses crazy.”

After the two good friends spent a few minutes reminiscing about their recent vacations together, Kimmel got down to business and asked Stern an important question about a comment he made on his SiriusXM show recently. “You said your wife Beth has never seen you naked when you are aroused,” the host noted.

As it turns out, that statement was made in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. “Anybody hear of this guy Harvey Weinstein?” Stern joked. “It’s unbelievable. First of all, when did this guy have time to make movies?”

Three years ago, Stern hosted Weinstein on his radio show and pressed him on some of the rumors about his sexual misconduct around actresses. “Howard, the movies are too expensive, the risks are too great,” Weinstein said at the time. “It doesn’t happen that way anymore.”

“All these guys who do sexual harassment, I mean, they’re freaks,” Stern told Kimmel. “This big fat guy, what does he think?” According to several of the women who spoke out against Weinstein, his big move was to ask them to watch him shower.

“Now, I’m a man. If you saw me naked, you’d throw up,” Stern added. “There is no girl on the planet that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked and is going to get aroused. If I was Harvey Weinstein, I’d wear a burqa and I’d say, listen, you don’t have to look at me.”

Stern said it’s the same thing with Bill O’Reilly and Anthony Weiner. “The one thing women don’t want to see is a guy’s penis,” he said. “They want to see you’ve got a job, they want to see you treat them nice.”