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Indian Official: 'Civil Servants are Lazy' and 'Hitting them is Justified'

Here's an interesting idea from India for politicians aspiring to improve the efficiency of government:

In a state assembly debate, Goa's water and civil supplies minister Dayanand Mandrekar said he agreed with the state's former tourism minister, who had been convicted of assaulting an official, that civil servants are lazy and that hitting them is justified.

In 2011, Goa's former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for slapping an official. According to the Times of India, Mr Mandrekar said: "Sometimes officials do not do any work properly and do not listen too. Then like he (Mickky Pacheco) said, they should be slapped."

There have been a series of incidents throughout India in the last few years of political leaders slapping civil servants who had not carried out their instructions.