Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, and more ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Parodies

Poised to have sold 20 million copies by later this week, E.L. James’ erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey has swept America off its feet (and into a pair of handcuffs). From Jimmy Fallon to Ellen DeGeneres, watch the top six parodies of the naughty bestseller.

Fifty Shades of Grey: The Musical!

So just who are those near-twenty million people who have kept Fifty Shades of Grey on the New York Times bestseller list for 18 weeks and counting? This viral musical parody illuminates the three types of book buyers that have shelled out ten bucks a pop for a peek at the sexual escapades of Anastasia Steele: lusty housewives reading it in earnest, snarky twenty-somethings reading it ironically (or so they claim), and men who sneakily read it on their e-readers while telling everyone they’re reading Jonathan Franzen.

SNL Gives Us the Best Mother’s Day Gift of All

Finally, a book for the mother who wants something a little more adventurous in bed than breakfast. Watch a very special Saturday Night Live Mother’s Day moment, brought to you by your friend E.L. James.

Jimmy Fallon’s Love Songs Will Tie You Up Inside

Readers of Fifty Shades of Grey, have shame no more! Come out from behind your Kindles, and sing your love of Christian Grey from the rooftops. In fact, sing it in the form of these Jimmy Fallon-commissioned karaoke slow-jams, which, with names like ‘Hot Chocolate Brownie Sex’ and ‘I Found the Baby Oil,’ are sure to get you all hot and bothered (or at the very least laughing).

Selena Gomez is Fifty Shades of…Blue

So it’s not just Mommy Porn after all? Selena Gomez shows how ‘Fifty Shades’ still works its magic on the under-21 set, transforming her into a lustlorn damsel pining after Nick Kroll of ‘The League.’ Maybe the Beibs should give it a read…

Ellen DeGeneres Gets Down and Dirty

Well, since she’s already been written off by the conservative One Million Moms for her stint as JC Penney spokeswoman, we move Ellen should chuck her goody two-shoes image altogether. Maybe some killer tattoos? A new motorcycle? Better—a gig as the narrator on a Fifty Shades of Grey audiobook.

Gilbert Gottfried Makes ‘Fifty Shades’ SFW

Is Fifty Shades of Grey about fifty shades too dirty for your liking? Don’t worry, Jest Comedy has found the quickest way squelch some of the novel’s erotic power: Have the guy who used to be the voice of the Aflac duck read the naughty bits. Just try fantasizing with that voice in your head.