Robert Redford


This year’s edition of the world’s premier indie film fest, running Jan. 19-29, boasts everything from intriguing sci-fi flicks to several eye-opening documentaries.

Celeb Playground

Welcome to Malibu Colony, a one-mile stretch of beachfront property that has been witness to the shenanigans of the stars for over 80 years. And oh the tales these homes could tell...

All Is Lost

Redford, O’Toole, Cary Grant, Clooney, and DiCaprio. In the last 86 years, on Oscar night the most beautiful dudes tend to lose—if they've even been nominated.

Aged to Perfection

Bruce Dern’s waited his entire career for a role like Woody Grant, the booze-addled dementia case in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska. He talks about his 50-year journey to become a leading man.

Equal Temper of Heroic Hearts

’Tis the season for survival movies, and the trend is not new. But Andrew Romano looks at what makes this year’s crop unique—and the timeliest of them, All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford. Warning: spoiler alert.


Cherien Dabis’s ‘May in the Summer’ opened the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, running through Jan. 27.