Gun Violence

Kids With Guns: Must We Live Like This?

There surely are cases where a "good guy" with a gun saves the day by shooting a "bad guy." However, the most tragic gun incidents are those where the "bad guy" turns out to be a kid with weak impulse control. It's a pretty poor outcome for society and humanity if our only way to prevent and dissuade him (or her) is by shooting him down after he's already shot one or two people. Fortunately, yesterday's gun-fight at an Atlanta middle school ended without fatalities. But really: must we live like this?

The gun violence in the nation’s schools visited Atlanta yesterday, when a student shot a 14-year-old classmate in the back of the neck with a handgun, apparently after a dispute, sending a wave of fear and panic through parents and the school community. The victim was not seriously harmed and was released last night from a hospital.

After multiple shots were fired, the shooter at Price Middle School was subdued by an off-duty police officer working security at the school. The unidentified officer made the student drop his weapon and took him into custody.