Last British WWI Vet Dies

At 111 years-old, Harry Patch was the sole surviving British Army veteran of World War I before he passed away on Saturday. Patch was one of two survivors before the 113-year-old Henry Allingham, a former airman, died last week. Patch was drafted into the war in 1916 when he was an apprentice plumber. He was badly wounded only a few weeks after finishing training in a battle near Ypres, where three of his best friends were killed. After 80 years of silence, Patch began to speak about his experience in "the war to end all wars." "I met someone from the German side and we both shared the same opinion: we fought, we finished and we were friends," he said in 2007. "It wasn’t worth it." Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the country is mourning the passing of an entire generation. "The noblest of all the generations has left us, but they will never be forgotten," he said.