Live Chat Friday

Let's Talk About Drugs

My writings at the Daily Beast and about marijuana have sparked a lot of reader discussion, which I welcome. Clearly, the drug status quo is unsatisfactory, and we need to think together about how we can do better.

Two steps:

1) We'll host here a live chat with readers on Friday, January 11 from 2-3pm. Normally these live-chats are run on "ask me anything" principles, but this time I'd like to restrict the conversation to the topic of drugs. (I'd like to return the following week with a similar live chat, this time on the subject of guns.)

2) I'd like to invite readers who have personal stories to tell, positive or negative, about experiences with drugs to send them to us. We'll protect confidentiality, but we want to broaden this discussion to include more than just the medical and social science facts of the case. Real lives are at stake; we want to hear about yours, if you'll share it. (Please send emails to editor(at)davidfrum(dot)com).