Lindsay Lohan Accuses Egor Tarabasov of Abuse: ‘No Woman Can Be Hit and Stay with That Person’

Lindsay Lohan tells how she has been violently abused by her fiancé in a new interview. So why can’t she take off his engagement ring?


On Thursday, Lindsay Lohan made an appeal for a little privacy, saying, through a socialite friend, that she needed some quiet time to sort out her troubled relationship with fiance Egor Tarabasov.

Backing up for those of you not up to speed: Lohan had recently accused Tarabasov of trying to strangle and kill her.

The accusation was made on a London balcony, and video of the incident was passed to the Sun.

Today, however, she has decided to forego privacy and chosen to give an eye-opening interview to the Mail on Sunday’s Katie Nicholl, in which she accuses Tarabasov of assaulting her and hitting her on multiple occasions, and draws comparisons between his abusive behaviour and that of her appalling father, Michael.

A fresh video is also circulating online of Tarabasov apparently violently fighting with her on the Greek island of Mykonos (a few weeks before the dystopian balcony scene).

The video appears to be shot by a person in the vehicle behind Tarabasov’s.

“I realize now you can’t stay in a relationship just for love,” Lindsay tells Nicholl, “No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry.”

The pictures from Mykonos show a tussle occurring after Lohan and Tarabasov argue in a black Jeep and she chucks his mobile phone out of the open roof. He is then pictured apparently twisting her arm behind her back as he tries to get it back.

The pictures follow the broadcast on social media of a shaky video of Lohan making a plea for help during a 2 a.m. screaming fit on her London balcony claiming that he was trying—not for the first time—to strangle her.

Lohan, 30, started dating Tarabasov, 22, last summer. The son of a Russian industrialist, Tarabasov is part of London’s eurotrash millionaire milieu. The expat rich kids hang out in the city’s five-star hotel bars, like Claridges and the Connaught, drinking $30 cocktails, but spend their summers yachting the Greek islands or Instagramming their hotel rooms in St. Tropez. Last year he moved into her apartment (she posted pics of him unpacking boxes) and then the two got engaged earlier this year.

Aspirations Lohan might be lining up for a quiet life were dashed when she was caught on video screaming from her balcony in the middle of the night: “Please, please. He just strangled me. He almost killed me.” Police battered down her door, but she had already bailed to a nearby Mayfair hotel. She tells Nichol the inside story of the night, saying: “Egor and I had been out for dinner. We danced, it was fun. When we got home I went to bed and Egor went out. A few hours later he came back and when I woke up he was standing over me. He wasn’t himself, he was being very aggressive and he attacked me… I’m scared of what Egor might do to me and to himself… It’s not the first time. That’s the problem. But this time, someone saw.”

The pictures and the interview are a dramatic reversal from the stated position on Thursday, when friends and relatives of Lohan were busily briefing the press that the engagement was very much on, and that Lindsay and Tarabasov only needed privacy, and that she had simply relocated her engagement ring from her ring finger to another finger for aesthetic reasons.

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Indeed, Nicholl notes that Lohan is still wearing her engagement ring during the tearful interview in which she denounces Tarabasov as a repeated violent abuser.

“I haven’t taken it off, even after all this,” she says, “The truth is, I wanted to make things work, but now I’m not sure that I can.”