Angry Fans

Malkin-Bots Ineptly Strike Back

The below hilarious exchange on the customer reviewer page lasted for less than an hour before reviewer Kevin P. Menard took it down. Good to know that Malkin-bots can be embarrassed!

Editor's note: apologies on the small images. I found it very difficult to zoom them in without pretty rough pixelation (those screen shots don't like to cooperate.) Here's the text for those of you (like me) who find these tough to read:


I was planning to download this on Kindle but got to browse a copy at a local physical store. My kids write better than this: it's a horrid read. Very disappointing. Stiff cliched characters, unreal situations, and a bit too much autobiography. Buy something entertaining instead.

David's response:

Since the book is unavailable in bookstores, this comment is pretty obviously a work of pure imagination. The backstory is more interesting than the comment. After I criticized a recent Michelle Malkin column on my Daily Beast blog, her admirers have decided to ventilate their rage against a book they haven't read. (See the three immediately preceding reviews and - no doubt - the next half dozen. On the other hand, in fairness to them, if they had read the book, they'd no doubt be madder still. - David Frum