Plane Crashes

Miracle Survivor Shares Story

"It felt like being electrocuted," says the 12-year-old girl who survived last week's Yemenia Airways plane crash. Bahia Bakari is the only survivor of the crash, which went down with 153 people on board as it was nearing the Comoros Islands. Bakari doesn't know how to swim, but she stayed afloat for 13 hours by clinging to a piece of fuselage. As the time passed, she grew weak and thirsty and "felt hot and cold," she told her family in Paris. At one point, she saw a ship passing on the horizon, but it was too far away to see her. She's currently being treated in a Paris hospital for a broken collarbone, bruises, cuts, and burns as well as exhaustion. Bakari and her mother, who died in the crash, were on their way to a beach vacation on the islands.