Model To Be Key Witness In Upcoming Silvio Berlusconi Sex Trial Has Been Poisoned

Moroccan model Imane Fadil, a key witness set to testify in an upcoming sex trial against former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, has been fatally poisoned, according to her lawyer. The 33-year-old had previously testified that Silvio Berlusconi had paid young women to strip from nun costumes at ‘bunga bunga’ parties in the basement of his private villa. The woman was hospitalized with stomach pains late January 29 and died March 6, but her death was only announced after Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco opened a homicide investigation. Her brother said she thought that she had been poisoned. According to local Italian media reports, her autopsy turned up “a mixture of radioactive substances which are not normally available for purchase.” Her lawyer said the death was not announced until the toxicology reports were complete so “no one would try to tamper with them.” Berlusconi has been investigated for witness tampering in Milan, Sienna, Rome and Turin in relation to the ongoing sex trials that involved paying an underage dancer named Ruby the Heartstealer for sex and covering up the crime while he was in office.