New Stieg Larsson Book Exists

Rumors swirled for years that Stieg Larsson wrote a fourth book in his wildly popular Millennium series before he died, and now his brother, Joakim, has confirmed it’s true. Only, the unpublished manuscript isn’t book No. 4, it’s book No. 5, “because he thought that was more fun to write,” Joakim Larsson said his brother emailed just 10 days before his death. The story behind the best-selling Swedish crime series, which began with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has had nearly as many strange twists and turns as the books themselves. When Larsson died before his books were published, his estate went to his family, instead of his longtime companion Eva Gabrielsson, and the two parties have fought publicly. Gabrielsson reportedly has Larsson’s laptop, containing another manuscript (there were to have been 10 books in the series). She did not comment on Joakim Larsson’s announcement, and the family says it won’t let the manuscript be published.