NY Times Slams Stelter’s New Book

You'd think a guy could at least get a break from the publication that employs him. But The New York Times media reporter received perhaps his most scathing review from the Times itself. “Brian Stelter’s book on the nefarious network morning show wars ends up being like a breakfast made not quite to order,” begins Ed Bark's take on Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV. “The eggs over easy have one hard yolk, and the bacon’s a little limp. The toast is well-buttered but burned, and the coffee’s short on heat. Edible? Yes. Fulfilling? Not quite.” Amid Bark’s takedown is a slim silver lining, however. “Mr. Stelter is just 27,” he points out. “So there’s ample time to really get the hang of this.”