Obama's Watergate?

A friend active in Republican politics for more than three decades writes:

I am beginning to wonder what the next act in this drama will be. The recording might turn out to be a big problem for the Democrats, if it turns out that someone associated with the campaign made the recording, or helped the person who made the recording. To me, it looks as if someone was controlling the camera from a remote location (as ABC pointed out in this story, the camera angle shifts during the video.)

This left-wing blogger considers the legal implications.

I’m fascinated by the whole thing – mainly by the content of Romney’s breathtaking remarks, but also by the “whodunit” angle. So I thought I would put the question to you – if it comes out that the Obama campaign or one of its close allies had a role in making the recording, does this turn into Watergate? If Obama wins (and I don’t see how he can lose at this stage), will Republicans call for an investigation of who made the recording, and pursue it as they did the Lewinsky story?