Palin Loses Loyal Adviser

Just another day for Team Sarah? One of the former Alaska governor’s loyal advisers, Jason Recher, has left Palin’s staff, coinciding with the addition of a new chief of staff, Michael Glassner. Recher, a 31-year-old GOP operative, had been one of Palin’s most trusted supporters during the 2008 election and up until recently, ran the Palin camp's morning conference calls and acted as de facto press secretary. Recher’s consulting company organized Palin’s book tour for Going Rogue. But then Recher suddenly disappeared—one source said “we never hear about this stuff”—and then did the book tour for George W. Bush’s Decision Points. While the addition of Glassner on the team has fueled rumors that Palin is ready to run for president, Glassner is not very well-known on the national stage and is most famous for being Palin’s chief of staff during her vice-presidential bid in 2008.