Pelosi: Women’s Rights Under Attack

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she believes women’s reproductive rights are under the “most radical assault” she has ever seen. There are currently three pieces of legislation that Republicans have put forward that would put further restrictions on abortion. One, put forward by GOP Rep. Chris Smith, would deny tax credits and benefits to employers who offer health insurance to their staff if that coverage includes abortion. Another, introduced by high-profile GOP Rep. Mike Pence and scheduled to come up for a vote as soon as next week, would deny federal family-planning funds to groups that offer abortion access—which would be devastating for Planned Parenthood. The third bill, introduced by GOP Rep. Joe Pitts, would allow hospitals opposed to abortion to turn away women who need to terminate their pregnancies to save their lives. Pelosi warned that members of Congress constantly introduce anti-abortion legislation because it’s a “cash political cow” to raise money.