Playboy's Slide Into Irrelevance

The Wall Street Journal reports today on the (not totally unwelcome) decline Playboy Enterprises.

The report contains this arresting fact:

Mr. Flanders has shrunk Playboy's staff from 585 when he arrived to 165 today, 65 of whom work in the famous Playboy Mansion where Mr. Hefner lives, as stipulated in the contract taking the company private.

One-third of Playboy's surviving staff work in Hugh Hefner's home? That's as good a leap-off point as any to repost this bitchy but hilarious description of the mansion in Vice magazine:

This is "the Grotto." Which, for some reason, I knew exists. It was also really rundown and depressing. Look at that seat on the left. It looks like something somebody would overdose on in Russia... :(