Pope Francis: Europe is ‘Overcome by Pessimism or By Ideologies’ After Elections

Pope Francis told reporters Sunday that Europe should stick together during a time when the continent is being “overcome by pessimism or by ideologies,” Reuters reports. The religious leader, on his way back from a three-day trip to Romania, said the people of Europe needed to pray for unity when in light of recent elections in Italy, Britain, France and Poland that elected far-right politicians into office. “If Europe does not look carefully to future challenges, Europe will dry up. Europe is ceasing to be ‘Mother Europe’ and is becoming ‘Grandmother Europe.’ It has aged. It has lost the goal of working together,” he said. “We have to help politicians to be honest. They should not carry out [political] campaigns under dishonest banners, with calumny, defamation, scandals.” The pope also stated that politicians should “never sow hate and fear” but should inspire “hope” in their countries. “Please let’s not let Europe be overcome by pessimism or by ideologies, because Europe is not being attacked by canons or bombs in this moment, but by ideologies,” he said.