Protesters Disrupt the U.S.’ Pro-Fossil-Fuel Panel at U.N. Climate Talks

A group of nearly 100 protesters descended on a U.S. pro-fossil-fuel panel at the United Nations’ climate talks in Poland on Monday, taking over the event for a few minutes by screaming “Keep it in the ground!” and “Shame on you!” The panel, dubbed U.S. Innovative Technologies Spur Economic Dynamism,” was intended to discuss the possibility of making fossil fuels “clean” through technological innovation, a premise that has been repeatedly debunked by scientists. Soon after it began, almost the entire crowd stood up to chant “Keep it in the ground!” before yielding the floor to speakers who discussed the effect of climate change in their communities. As the group exited, they chanted “Shame on you!” While one attendee tweeted that the speakers were “clearly” affected, the Trump administration seems unlikely to take heed: Once the protests died down, a White House adviser speaking at the panel said the U.S. will keep using fossil fuels. Over the weekend, the United States joined the ranks of Russia and Saudi Arabia by refusing to endorse a report on the benefits of keeping global warming below 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.