Remember Her?

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' Former Mistress, Now a Detective

Rachel Uchitel, whose notorious sexting exchanges with Tiger Woods brought his unsavory extracurricular habits to light, is moving to New York City to begin her new career as a private detective. The 36 year old told the New York Post she's already working on finding a missing person. "Obviously, people want to go down the 'cheating' road, and assume it's all about me finding cheating spouses, but I'm less interested in that," said Uchitel. "I love the Glock," she added, referring to the 9mm pistol used by many NYPD cops. Uchitel graduated from DGA Detectives Academy in Los Angeles last week, where she was trained to use weapons, and is pursuing a gun permit in New York and California. Uchitel will be working for DGA from the Big Apple, where she owns a $1.6 million Park Avenue pad, and hopes to open her own firm one day. "I'm thinking of calling it Puma PI—because I'm not yet a cougar." Meanwhile, Tiger has apparently moved on as well, this time to a 22-year-old college student whose sports-agent stepfather introduced the two.